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Thursday, February 14, 2013

For Valentine's Day: a Sexy Cedric Excerpt

Welcome back my darlings!

    In the spirit of Valentine's giving, I offer you an excerpt from my story, My Fearful Symmetry. This passage shows a bit about my training in India as an adept of the ancient arts, an Immortyl temple dancer and courtesan.  The scene takes place in the adepts' ashram, a secluded wing of the Chief Elder's palace, where my guru, Sandhya, a female adept, has cloistered me for training in all of the adept's arts: music, dance, conversation and tantric sex rituals.  

Warning: If you are offended by depictions of male homosexuality, you may not want to continue. Sexy Cedric is an equal opportunity lover. 

  Sandhya walked a circle around us, adjusting my arm and the angle of my chin. “Tonight Marco will teach you methods of foreplay and Auparishtaka. Fellatio. Remember, whatever he does to you, you cannot succumb to pleasure. During the act, Shakti flows through you. This power is greatest in the moments before orgasm. The longer you can prolong this state, the greater blessings you attain. You may climax only if your lover gives you leave, but during training you are completely forbidden. The adept’s restraint is legendary and a great testament to his or her skill. Most importantly you gain power over your impulses and achieve greater spiritual awareness. This is not without cost. Even an Immortyl body suffers from such rigorous training. For some the pain of denial is unbearable. Few have the fortitude and stamina to learn this discipline.”
    Marco invoked the Mother’s blessing. He took me by the hand and led me next to the bed. His light hands ran down over my shoulders and abdomen. His mouth nuzzled along my throat and chest and then took small bites all over. Sensation awakened. My skin tingled and throbbed. I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to shut out the warmth of that wet orifice and the tickle of silky hair trailing in its wake. I dared not open my eyes and look on Sandhya’s juicy body, or I’d be finished. A moan escaped me.
   “Concentrate,” Sandhya reminded me. “Focus your energy. Visualize the Mother’s terrible power. Deep breaths now, deep breaths.”
     I gritted my teeth. “This is torture.”
   “You don’t know the meaning of the word. Repeat the mantra. Marco, continue.”
   Marco went down on me and proceeded to do wicked things with lips and tongue, employing palms and fingers for good measure. Visions of Kali dismembering demons filled my head. Didn’t help. I then recalled every distasteful sight I’d ever seen, even boring cricket matches from school, anything to take my mind off what was happening below my navel. Taking a deep breath, I chanted.
      It didn't help either. I opened my eyes. “Can’t we stop for a bit?”
   Sandhya stood there as ruthless as our patron Goddess, not moving a muscle as she observed this boy-on-boy action. “The idea is to absorb the seminal fluid up through the spine to the brain. Keep trying.”
   Biologically impossible, but I humored her, chanting louder and calling up images of the chief elder to dampen my desire. Just when I thought I couldn't hold off any longer, she made Marco pull back. I caught my breath. Marco wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. I wished I could go out for a smoke, but Sandhya had confiscated the last packet of fags in my luggage and forbidden them, saying they made me smell bad.
   “Limber your muscles,” she suggested. Sandhya held her hands on her hips and tapped her foot, as I went through a routine of Hatha postures to stretch out and took a series of cleansing breaths. Then she motioned to Marco. “Again.”
   This went on for an hour, with her stopping him and making me do exercises between. Then we switched places a while. My body calmed a bit with concentration on the task. Then we switched back for him to teach me new techniques. My jaws ached by the time she finally called a halt.
   Sandhya placed a hand on my shoulder and said in a soft voice, “We will move on tomorrow night. Go and rest now.”
   I picked up my clothes from the floor and dressed. I hurt all over. My knees would have formed calluses had I been mortal. Marco looked as miserable as I felt. He pulled on his clothes and left. Sandhya hadn't allowed him relief either. I shuffled back to my room and curled up on my uncomfortable bed. If I wasn't so exhausted, I might have done something about it.


Monday, February 4, 2013

Why Write Erotica? Katie Salidas and Willsin Rowe

Welcome to the launch of this new blog, my darlings!  

The authoress and I have decided that we'd like to have a place dedicated to things steamy, where Sexy Cedric can let his auburn locks down and run wild.  So, with that in mind, I'd like to introduce two special guests, Katie Salidas and Willsin Rowe.

The authors have agreed to join me in my den of iniquity today and answer some questions about writing erotica. 

I’ve hosted Katie Salidas on Immortyl Revolution (My authoress’ blog), but I’m pleased to have her for the virgin edition of my brand-spanking-new blog.   (I’m not joking about the spanking.)  Today, Ms. Salidas brought her collaborator Willsin Rowe.  Mr. Rowe, I must say it’s a pleasure to have a gentleman here as well.  This is my favorite sort of threesome, after all. 

Make yourselves comfortable on my hot seat of love and prepare to tell all.  Don’t worry, I never bite unless invited. 

Cedric: So, first off, what prompted you to start writing erotica?
Katie: For me it was the fact that my writing tended to lean towards the erotic. I found that though I enjoyed a good action packed scene, I spent more time playing with the erotic ones. That let me to try my hand at a few stories intended to solely be erotic. That’s actually how I met Willsin. As I was dipping my toes into the erotica world, a mutual friend pulled us all in to co-author the blog Coffee Fueled Erotica. The two of us are still there, sharing our solo and joint work.

Willsin: All of my writing follows logically from my reading. I began to write not long after I started reading. So when I began reading erotica, I found myself just a tad antsy. There were stories out there that were well-written, but didn’t go where I wanted them to. So it inspired me to make the attempt, and I loved writing it so very much that I never wanted to stop!

Cedric: I’m intrigued by this collaboration between a male and female author.  How did this come about and how do you think this impacts your stories?

Katie: It started as a beta reading partnership. We both realized that our perspectives worked well together to add depth to the stories we worked on individually, so we gave partnering up a shot. It’s been great!

Willsin: Absolutely, it grew from the critiquing. Then we started offering each other our various skills (for example, Katie’s a whiz on marketing, and I make covers and trailers). It worked so well that we only had two options: write together or get married. And since we’re both already married... And the male/female thing, I think, is the greatest. I mean, I have a strong feminine side to my thinking, and Katie has a bit of boy-brain, too. So that allows us to communicate well on an interpersonal level, which easily translates into giving our characters believable characteristics and dialog. Not just what either gender might wish the other would do or say!

Cedric: Who would you say is your target audience?
Katie: I think Willsin and I have a flavor for just about every erotic need. We have a BDSM series: Consummate Therapy.  We have some Cougar lovin’: Patience. We have a little romp at the office: Slowpoke. We even have some ménage: The Collage Series! And of course, we are open to suggestions from our wonderful fans. Check out our FB page.
Leave us a comment and tell us what you’d like to see next from Salidas & Rowe!

Willsin: That’s for sure, Katie. Genre-wise, we’re wide open and getting wider (so to speak!) Overall, our stories are probably more in tune with a female readership, though I believe men would still get plenty of enjoyment (especially with our latest FFM title!) Age-wise, I’d imagine that late-20s upwards would probably be the key area. I don’t imagine that there’s an upper limit.

Cedric:  What would you say are the key elements in writing a really hot story? 

Katie: It’s got to feel real. Sex sells, sure. People love porn, but that is not what erotica is about. It is more than just the romp in the sack. There is a story there. The characters are real, they have lives, a backstory, and a really good reason to get a little frisky! That’s where the real heat comes from. You feel it. You want to see those characters get it on, and when they do, you’re just as satisfied.

Willsin: I have a saying: “porn is all about how and where; erotica is all about why and ooohhhhhh...” So to expand on that, a truly hot story comes from the way the characters’ minds connect, and how each of them can fill a void for the other. Figuratively as well as literally! So really, I’m saying, in a roundabout way, that I completely agree with what Katie said.

Cedric: Are there certain terms that you avoid when crafting your tales?  Are there others that you feel are essential?

Katie: I don’t think I have any terms I particularly avoid or use. Whatever fits well in the story. You know.

Willsin: Like Katie, I don’t have any absolutes when it comes to avoiding terms. The brashest, most brutish words can serve such great purpose when used in context. Taboo is a powerful beast, even when most boundaries have already been broken through. As far as including terms...well, I find it hard to go past “cock” (that’s what SHE said!). It’s one of those words that is brutish and guttural, and feels onomatopoeic. But all of its synonyms simply feel wrong to me. Either too clinical, or too stoopid.

Cedric:  BDSM stories like Fifty Shades of Grey are very popular right now.  Why do you think this is?

Katie: I wish I knew what it was that propelled the 50 shades books into mainstream. BDSM stories have been around forever. But, as long as people want them, we’ll write them too. Have I mentioned our Consummate Therapy series?

Willsin: *coughGratuitousPlugcough* I feel that, at the heart of it, so many of us crave a release from responsibility. The knowledge that whatever you do, it’s because you were told to. No decisions, no doubts. And a true Dom/sub relationship is arguably more dependent on trust than the average marriage is.

Cedric:  Do either of you prefer one type of erotic story over another?

Katie: I’m pretty open to anything that get the blood pumping, if you know what I mean.

Willsin: I lean towards gritty stories that punch you in the heart while they have their way with your head. That’s as a default, though. I have a far wider range of taste than that previous statement would indicate, but yeah, that’s my go-to style.

Cedric:  M/M romance and erotica are very popular.  Do you think you might someday write a story with LGBT characters?

Katie: If the muse is in a M/M mood, then sure! Why not? Actually, I believe Willsin had a F/F in mind for us down the road. We just haven’t hit on it yet.
Willsin: Oh, yes, that F/F. Better stop daydreaming about that one and get something on paper! But on my own, I have several FF stories published (in anthologies). I’ve skimmed across some Trans characters in flash fiction, and had some man-on-man involvement in threesomes as well. Not to mention that we have some rather intimate moments between the girls in our latest story as well. I also have a couple more story ideas in the pipeline which I haven’t shown Katie yet, involving some FFM and MMF and straight-up man-on-man hawtness. Stay tuned!

Cedric:  Do you prefer erotic stories brief or in novel form?  Why?

Katie: I don’t like to set limitations on stories. I prefer to see how they evolve. Our Consummate Therapy series is novel length, but it is broken into three parts. That was just how it played out. I would love to tackle another full length work if a good story comes to mind.

Willsin: I’d hate to have to choose in the real world...they both have such strengths. I guess though, for the sake of argument, I’d tend to favour shorter works. I’m a fan of writing flash and short stories, and I believe that’s why I’m also a fan of reading them. It’s the challenge of using as few words as possible to convey as much feeling as you can. It’s choosing the right words to effectively transplant a scene into the reader’s mind without actually describing it. That’s a fun challenge. But I have several whoppers inside me, too. Er...that is to say, there are at least three stories I have which will easily glide past 50,000 words.

Cedric:  Tell us about your current release. What is next for this delicious collaboration?

Katie: Our latest title is called In The Dark.

Cory Matthews is a handsome undergrad...with an embarrassing phobia. One that gets his heart pounding every single night. Achluophobia. Fear of the dark.
With finals all done and dusted, Cory swings by to pick up his girlfriend Hana, and her sexy roommate Maddy, for a big night of hitting the clubs and blowing off steam.
But before their night of fun can get started a summer monsoon knocks out the power for a whole city block, plunging Hana’s house into pitch blackness...kicking Cory’s fear into overdrive.
Though Hana sometimes teases Cory about his phobia, she knows it’s no laughing matter. And she’ll use whatever comes to hand – including Maddy – to take his mind off his troubles.
Together, these temptresses will show him that sometimes darkness can be far more revealing than light.

Willsin: And coming up next is a little Valentine’s Day treat. Another title in the Collage series. It’s an MFM story called Sweet Surprises and while we’re still putting the finishing touches to it, I can tell you that it’s...uh...had an effect on me.

Cedric:  Where can readers find your books and learn more about the authors?

One-Handed Writers (every second Friday): http://onehandedwriters.com

Cedric:  One final question:  What is your opinion on a threesome with a naughty Scottish vampire lad?

Katie: Cedric, you’re such a naughty naughty little vamp. Let me ask you… how hard do you bite? =p

Willsin: And by extension, how hard do you suck?

Cedric:  My darlings, you have no idea.  The talents of an Immortyl courtesan are beyond compare. 

Here is a little peek at In the Dark, including a steamy excerpt.

With finals completed Cory, Hana and Maddy plan to hit the clubs. But when a blackout kicks Cory’s achluophobia into overdrive, the girls decide to ease his fear...in any way they can.


This title contains graphic language, sexual situations, multi-racial nookie, girl-on-girl lovin’ and frankly unsupportable fear treatment methods

Cory Matthews is a handsome undergrad...with an embarrassing phobia. One that gets his heart pounding every single night. Achluophobia. Fear of the dark.
With finals all done and dusted, Cory swings by to pick up his girlfriend Hana, and her sexy roommate Maddy, for a big night of hitting the clubs and blowing off steam.
But before their night of fun can get started a summer monsoon knocks out the power for a whole city block, plunging Hana’s house into pitch blackness...kicking Cory’s fear into overdrive.
Though Hana sometimes teases Cory about his phobia, she knows it’s no laughing matter. And she’ll use whatever comes to hand – including Maddy – to take his mind off his troubles.
Together, these temptresses will show him that sometimes darkness can be far more revealing than light.


Working only by feel, she had my rigid cock out in seconds, leaving it sitting there in the cool night air. She bit my bottom lip, something she’d never done before, and then disappeared. Her hand throttled my cock, every rough tug seeming to pull another deep breath into my lungs. A moment later, the air turned warm, and I felt her tongue curling up along the underside until she reached the fat tip of it.
“Dayum, girl.” If the power came back on now, Maddy would get a full view of us. And that turned me on like nothing ever had. The threat of being caught fucking. Especially after all that teasing, from both ladies.
Hana slipped her hot mouth down over me, pulling up my shirt and scratching my belly with her nails, adding some sharp spice to the amazing pleasure. Another little twist she’d never done before. I slipped my fingers into her hair again, brushing it back from her ear as she licked and sucked on me.
The rain sounded like it was easing up a little. It was still loud, but now at least it didn’t sound like someone was driving a steam train on the roof.
A moan escaped my throat as Hana cupped my heavy balls. I hadn’t meant to make any noise, especially now there was more chance of Maddy hearing us. But what my girl was doing just felt so damn good. I pulled lightly on her hair and traced her cute little ear with my fingers. Her heavy pendant earring brushed against my wrist and I jumped.
’Cause I suddenly had a thought.
What if this wasn’t Hana? What if it was Maddy? 

A very big thanks to Katie and Willsin for joining me today!  There will be more sexy fun in the, ahem, coming weeks, so stayed tuned.  Don’t forget to leave a comment for my lovely guests and do stop by and chat with Sexy Cedric on Twitter and Facebook

I’m waiting, my darlings.

Until next time!

Love and Dark Kisses,

Cedric MacKinnon